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Trully Love for Dad....

I really never know what is in your heart and mind
When you decided on something that never  i want
I despair when you forgot her...one accompanies your life
Good times three of us..You, Mom and I

 More than Twenty years passed...
I began to understand about my ego
You’ll never  be able to live without love n’ affecion
N’ may be so am I

One time...i found d’ one i love very
Then I want something beautiful ....once in life
I never expected you to realize d’ most beautiful 4 me
Forgive me 4 all prejudice of you
Stupid on me, can’t measure your love

I promise be the one you rely on till the end
You’re never ending love...everlasting
Because you’re 1st  my hero....my trully love...Dad

Puisi ini ku persembahkan untuk papa tercinta, my single fighter hero in my life.

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